Citroen UK

22nd March 2023

“This project was all about taking a new product to a new environment, and to enable that we needed a fresh approach to interacting with people.
Lisa immediately recognised the objective, as she always has in her work with Citroën, and responded superbly with a team of professional, dedicated hosts who understood the product and shared that knowledge with visitors to the showcase.
Throughout this 6 month project, which attracted up to 2,000 viewings per day, Lisa’s team excelled.
They provided reliable and consistent coverage, as you would expect, but went further with detailed feedback and suggestions of improvements to the display and lead generation process.Other people saw problems but Lisa only ever saw solutions!
This was a massive marketing success, and it simply couldn’t have happened without ICE”

Mr Jonathan Sloan – Dealer Marketing Citroen UK

Featured team member Ben K

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