22nd March 2023

“Ice Model, Katie Roxburgh recently worked for DWP as part of our logistics team on a series of customer events related to the launch of the Nissan GT-R at both Silverstone and Nurburgring Circuits.
The events took place between August and October of 2008 so the best part of 3 months. In that time, Katie was a dedicated member of the team and was only too happy to work the very long hours (12 hours a day in most cases) and not always in the most pleasant of conditions (in a freezing cold tent in Germany!) She was always smiling and friendly and was happy to take on any task requested of her and always with enthusiasm.She is multilingual, which was an essential requirement of the role and has an excellent command of both French and Spanish.
We would not hesitate to have her as part of an on-site team in the future.”

Ms.Karen Pattison – Programme Development Manager

Featured ice model Katie R

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